Make School Rock

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Thank you!

Make School Rock

— After School Rocks

Thank you!

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78% of Americans feel that studying music helps kids do better in school. Yet, when states have school budget issues, the arts are cut first.

How you can help

We give children in inner city schools that do not get music education access to lessons and they receive a strong foundation in the beginnings of an instrument. Currently the project is located in New York City and since 2009, in every school we've introduced these lessons, it's become a recurring successful program featuring 10-15 children a class & concerts in front of thousands.

About this nonprofit

We have the best jobs in the world. We develop and place music programs in schools and get to see the next generation of musicians flourish. We teach guitar, chorus, violin, percussion and improv plus we put on a whole performance for the school to see. Best of all- we will be offering free instruments and programs!

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