Planting for Monarchs

— Pollinator Partnership

Thank you!

Planting for Monarchs

— Pollinator Partnership

Thank you!

$1 = 50 square feet of monarch habitat

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Did you know...

Monarch populations have seen 90% decline in recent years. Their 3,000 mile journey is in danger due to loss of habitat; losing 6,000 acres every day.

How you can help

The monarch migration occurs twice every year. If there are not any blooming plants available to rest and refuel by collecting/eating nectar when the monarch stops, they will not have any energy to continue. Planting monarch friendly flowers that bloom when they will be passing will help the monarchs reach their destination. Creating more monarch habitat will help work to reverse their decline.

About this nonprofit

The Pollinator Partnership is the largest organization dedicated exclusively to the the health, protection, and conservation of all pollinating animals. Our mission is to promote the health of pollinators, critical to food and ecosystems, through conservation, education, and research.

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