Building a community center

— Enhance A Village

Thank you!

Building a community center

— Enhance A Village

Thank you!

$45 = 1 square foot construction cost.

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That's 5 squares foot construction cost.

Did you know...

ILA, Literacy in the Philippines shows a lack of a community learning center misses 50% opportunity in literacy, numeracy and social science skills.

How you can help

Our project will develop a community learning center in the remote village of Kuyaoyao, Philippines. The large open plan center will be used to engage individuals in a large open plan space for multi-purpose community interactions. Activities including spaces for independent study, computer room w/ internet access, stage, digital library, hurricane shelter, kitchen, music room and workshop.

About this nonprofit

Enhance a Village is dedicated to eliminating poverty one village at a time in developing nations by educating farmers and helping them gain access to sustainable farming methods and technologies with an emphasis on good stewardship to the environment.

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