Beds for Homeless Veterans

— Mo's Heroes, Inc

Thank you!

Beds for Homeless Veterans

— Mo's Heroes, Inc

Thank you!

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Did you know...

There are over 140,000 homeless veterans or homeless heroes in the United States - 90% of which are men, and 10% women.

How you can help

We collaborate with housing facilities across the United States to provide a bed for homeless veterans we train to rejoin the workforce. A clean bed a night and a decent shower is usually the first job makeover needed to succeed at getting decent work and being self-sufficient. A simple bed a night is the springboard many homeless veterans need to end the cycle of homelessness and hopelessness.

About this nonprofit

The purpose of "Mo's Heroes" is to assist in reintegrating homeless veterans and their families into meaningful employment within the labor force and to stimulate the development of effective services delivery systems that will address the complex problems facing homeless veterans.

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