Safe Roof - Puerto Rico


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Safe Roof - Puerto Rico


Thank you!

$36 = 1 Steel Roof Panel

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$36 = 1*

* Steel Roof Panel

Did you know...

According with FEMA, the Hurricane Maria left more than 24,455 homes with roof damages in Puerto Rico.

How you can help

America Continental plans to provide the roofs panels for homes with roof damages caused by the Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico. To achieve the objectives, we hope to have the support of the College of Engineers & Surveyors of Puerto Rico, as well as the Governor Office, the municipalities and the community.

About this nonprofit

America Continental 2000, Inc., is an organization specialized in engineering and technical support for disaster mitigation. The primary geographical area of focus are the continents of the Western Hemisphere. Thus the organization derives its name, America Continental 2000. However, the vision is not limited to this part of the world.

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