One Village At A Time

— Enhance A Village

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One Village At A Time

— Enhance A Village

Thank you!

$5 = 1 farmers family fed per day.

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Did you know...

In farming and rural Philippines, 88 million live in severe and extreme poverty while over 12 million people lack the means to feed themselves.

How you can help

Our project introduces an incubator program that provides farmer candidates 2 years of farming infrastructure, business and production training and equipment in Filipino villages. Donations will develop future generations of incubator farms and employ a living wage. Growers gets incentives when they employ local manpower for planting, cultivating, harvesting and sell produce to expand business.

About this nonprofit

Enhance a Village is dedicated to eliminating poverty one village at a time in developing nations by educating farmers and helping them gain access to sustainable farming methods and technologies with an emphasis on good stewardship to the environment.

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