Grandmas Raise Orphaned Grandchildren

— Reach The Children Inc.

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Grandmas Raise Orphaned Grandchildren

— Reach The Children Inc.

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The African nation of Uganda has an estimated 1.2 million children orphaned due to AIDS-related deaths out of a total population of almost 31 million.

How you can help

"Grandma Gardens" is a project in Uganda wherein women are given a plot of land, training, tools and seeds so they can support their grandchildren who have been orphaned, most often due to their parents dying of AIDS. These old grandmothers work extremely hard to provide produce to eat and to sell; that they might also have cash for education, clothing and medical needs for their grandchildren.

About this nonprofit

Reach The Children facilitates self-reliance in communities dedicated to the well-being of underprivileged children. We use a holistic community development approach to implement various projects in HIV/AIDS prevention, education, healthcare, micro-enterprise, water, agriculture, orphan care and community empowerment.

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