Potable Water for Kuyaoyao Residents

— Enhance A Village

Thank you!

Potable Water for Kuyaoyao Residents

— Enhance A Village

Thank you!

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Did you know...

Even when water purification systems exist, every eight seconds somewhere in the world a child dies from drinking dirty water.

How you can help

We will develop a source of potable water to the residents in Kuyaoyao, Quezon, Philippines. Currently, residents in Kuyaoyao have to travel about an hour to buy drinking or bottled water. A total of 114 households in the village will benefit from the project. This means reduction in cost of acquiring potable water and improving health as well as sanitation for the villagers.

About this nonprofit

Enhance a Village is dedicated to eliminating poverty one village at a time in developing nations by educating farmers and helping them gain access to sustainable farming methods and technologies with an emphasis on good stewardship to the environment.

Check them out at: http://www.enhanceavillage.org/

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