Give Villagers Tools to Process Coconuts

— Enhance A Village

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Give Villagers Tools to Process Coconuts

— Enhance A Village

Thank you!

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There is enough food in the world for everyone, yet 1/3 (1.3 billion tons) is lost yearly, reported by Food and Agriculture Organization 2011.

How you can help

Every year, 3000 coconut trees in Kuyaoyao, Philippines can produce up to 75 coconuts. A coconut processing machine will husk, milk, extract meat, create oil, and grind remaining husk to pulp for export shipment. This form of processing increases yield, reduces waste and provides work for local residents. Increase the current farming rate of less than 30% of collected nuts, to nearly 100%.

About this nonprofit

Enhance a Village is dedicated to eliminating poverty one village at a time in developing nations by educating farmers and helping them gain access to sustainable farming methods and technologies with an emphasis on good stewardship to the environment.

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