Preventing the Surrender of Loved Pets

— Sam's Hope

Thank you!

Preventing the Surrender of Loved Pets

— Sam's Hope

Thank you!

$1 = 1 day of medical care for a pet in need

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Did you know...

Tens of thousands of loved pets are surrendered to animal welfare organizations each year due to financial hardship or serious medical conditions.

How you can help

We work with financially challenged, disabled, elderly and ill pet owners who love and want their pets, but cannot provide them with necessary medical care. For many elderly and disabled pet owners, their pets are their only companions and only reason for living. Providing vet care gets to the root cause of pet surrender, which helps loved pets stay forever with their families.

About this nonprofit

Our mission is a simple one; to save the lives of companion animals by keeping them out of shelters, (where they face a very uncertain future), and with their families. We achieve our mission through our Pet Food and Veterinary Care Assistance Programs, and our newest program, Meals for the Pets of the Homebound & Elderly. Keeping Pets and Their People Together in Southeastern Pennsylvania.

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