Feed the Hungry and End Starvation

— Kids Against Hunger

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Feed the Hungry and End Starvation

— Kids Against Hunger

Thank you!

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Did you know...

There are an estimated 870 million hungry people on the planet. Hunger takes the life of a child every six seconds.

How you can help

Kids Against Hunger provides nutritious meals for starving and malnourished people in the United States and around the world. The meals have been formulated by food scientists to provide a rich source of easily digestible protein, carbohydrates, and vitamins needed for malnourished people. For just .25 cents, we can provide a sustaining nutritious meal that can help end starvation.

About this nonprofit

Kids Against Hunger packages highly nutritious, life-saving meals for starving and malnourished children and their families in developing countries and the United States. The goal of the organization is for its meals to provide a stable nutritional base from which recipient families can move their families from starvation to self-sufficiency. Kids Against Hunger seeks to end the literal hunger.

Check them out at: http://www.kidsagainsthunger.org/

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