Growing Healthy Scholars

— OMIA Foundation

Thank you!

Growing Healthy Scholars

— OMIA Foundation

Thank you!

$20 = 1 vegetable plant

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$20 = 1*

* vegetable plant

Did you know...

Obesity affects about 1 in 5 teenagers (2013-2014, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention).

How you can help

Promoting healthy eating and access to healthy food can help fight obesity. At one Denver school, 73% of the students who participated in the garden program reported increasing their actual consumption of produce (National Public Radio, 2015). We are growing our school garden program at Holt High School to teach healthy habits in Michigan!

About this nonprofit

We support public education through organized movement inside academia by engaging the local community with student learning. Our projects include youth and adult sporting events, public school gardening, and enhanced lesson plans for teachers.

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