Overcoming obstacles, building new ones!

— Parkour Visions

Thank you!

Overcoming obstacles, building new ones!

— Parkour Visions

Thank you!

$2 = 1 ft² of renovated obstacles

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ft² of renovated obstaclessquare feet of renovated obstacles.

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How your $1 helps

$2 = 1*

* ft² of renovated obstacles

Did you know...

Our attendance records show that over 3,000 people every year in Seattle want to learn parkour but don't have a safe place or a trained teacher.

How you can help

We provide a custom built gym to introduce people to safe, intelligent parkour practice. We nearly had to close the org in late 2016 when we were forced out of our last space. During our move to the SODO district of Seattle, WA USA, we expended our financial reserves. We need to do two things: 1. Build new equipment that better fits the new space; 2. Make renovations to 20% of our old equipment.

About this nonprofit

Parkour Visions is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting intelligent parkour practice in the world. We do this by teaching parkour, building parkour equipment, and sharing knowledge and systems we've developed in our journey teaching classes and running a parkour instruction facility.

Check them out at: https://parkourvisions.org/

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