Saving the Lives of Twenty Five Pets

— Sam's Hope

Thank you!

Saving the Lives of Twenty Five Pets

— Sam's Hope

Thank you!

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Did you know...

On average, every 100 spay/neuters reduces shelter intake by 50 animals, 25 of which are euthanized.

How you can help

50% of pets that benefit from our pet food and vet care assistance programs are intact. Many live in multiple pet households; some have had litters, and continue to do so. This adds up to more unwanted pets and surrenders to shelters. Sam's Hope will provide 100 no-cost spay/neuters in an underserved community in Warminster, PA, in an effort to reduce the number of unwanted pets.

About this nonprofit

Our mission is a simple one; to save the lives of companion animals by keeping them out of shelters, (where they face a very uncertain future), and with their families. We achieve our mission through our Pet Food and Veterinary Care Assistance Programs, and our newest program, Meals for the Pets of the Homebound & Elderly. Keeping Pets and Their People Together in Southeastern Pennsylvania.

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